About Us

Grill Inn is a registered brand of Maxwell Food And Beverages India a quick service restaurant company with presence in India.

Maxwell Food And Beverages India has been actively involved in hospitality and fast food business by operating many reputed units in Malls, High streets and Corporates.

Our Group’s familiarity with Fast food has been instrumental to our success in developing our new hospitality concept.

Grill Inn concept is the latest addition to our family of American inspired casual dining outlets and is the culmination of those years of experience and the new direction in our food service activities specially developed for Indian Taste Buds.

Our philosophy is to provide customers with delicious, quality product at affordable price.

Grill Inn has a vision of expansion and growth by leveraging the strengths of the vibrant Fast-Food brands all over the world.

Quality is our Recipe®
We never cut corners and we always deliver on our promise. Our thought is ‘Real quality taste starts with real quality ingredients’. At Grill Inn, those words affect everything we do.

Our fresh vegetables are hand picked and sliced.

Zomato Swiggy